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thai’s top five meme | top five musicals (yep, that’s a thing)

↳Grease (1978)

Happy birthday, Tom Fletcher! [17.07.1985]

Happy 29th Birthday Tom Fletcher!

July 17th, 1985.

Happy 29th Birthday Tom Fletcher.

I remember you used to be the chubby one in the band, a very shy guy who always covered his face when he smiled or laughed. I know you went through many problems but you fought them all and now you are a strong and confident man. Even though you don’t know this you help me day by day, you are my inspiration. Thank you for everything.


The old Danny, the kid in the sweetie shop every time pretty girls were around, is gone. I don’t want anybody else but her.


"When you’re depressed, you can’t remember what it’s like to be happy. But when you’re up, you can remember the depression, and when it lifts the relief is so intense that you’ll do anything not to get back into that state. ”  - Happy birthday Tom Fletcher, i hope you have the greatest birthday ever and I just wanted to thank you for everything, thanks to you i feel stronger day by day. <3


Harry Potter + personal favorite spells {requested by anonymous}

♥ Dance Like Nobody's Watching, Sing Like Nobody's Listening, Live Like It's Heaven On Earth. Love Like You've Never Been Hurt ♥

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